About Clear Water

Clear Water is the leading Brand in the national market of water filtering for domestic and commercial use. We offer the greatest varieties of water filtration products through wholesales…

Our product portfolio ranges from basic water treatment products to specific applications, such as laboratories, food providing companies, hardness reduction, among others. We also offer water dispensing products for water coolers and water fountains for domestic and commercial use, high-quality water pressure washers which includes a water filter that protects the units.
Drop by drop

From 20 to 50 daily liters of purified, pollutant water, this is needed to ensure the basic human needs, according to international organizations.

A shower uses 100 liters every five minutes.

30 liters is the average consumption rate of a washing machine.

97% of Earth's water resources is saltwater.

1% is the small proportion of water on Earth than can be used for human consumption.

From 300 to 500 tons of industrial wastes, such as heavy metals, solvents and toxic sediments are discharged in bodies of water, each year.

Select the ideal filter for you
Sinks, and refrigerators and kitchens
Ice machines, coffee machines and refrigerators.
Water heaters and scale
Whole house, tanks, washing machines and sediments
Ozone plants
Water coolers and water fountains
Water pressure cleaners
ClearWater es una marca de Mafeca 2000 Operadora C.A